BNP writes letter seeking UN intervention to stop elections BNP

BNP writes letter seeking UN intervention to stop elections

Bangladesh Live News | @banglalivenews | 01 Jan 2024, 02:02 pm

Dhaka, Jan 1: BNP has sent a letter to the United Nations (UN) seeking its intervention to stop the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. Shayrul Kabir Khan, a member of the party's media cell, gave this information on Sunday night.

In the letter, BNP wrote, "Bangladesh is once again moving towards a farcical and violent rigging in the name of January 7 election in the background of two controversial elections of 2014 and 2018 under the current government. In front of this so-called 'dummy election', the state-sponsored sabotage is not only the democracy-loving political leaders, but also the working marginal people are being oppressed. A section of the Awami League and the law and order forces are destroying people's lives and safety and freedom through planned attacks on public and private institutions and structures, especially buses and trains."

Referring to the issue of violence, the letter said, "A specific pattern is being observed in every incident of ongoing arson, the only beneficiary of which is the Awami League and its subordinate state apparatus. And the main victim is the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP. The ruling top leadership and senior police officials are blaming BNP for the arson attacks without any investigation, information or sources, without any investigation, information or sources. By misusing their well-planned destruction as a political tool, they are inciting state repression, which has been proven time and again by Sheikh Hasina's vengeful rhetoric."

It is said in the letter that every time BNP has announced a peaceful programme with the people in the past years, Awami League has also called a programme for planned sabotage on the same day.

"We have emphasized from the highest levels of the party to maintain a non-violent movement at all times and called for the avoidance of all provocations. On October 28, we organized a mass rally in Dhaka, where millions of pro-democracy people from all over the country participated. The spontaneous participation of the people against all odds proved once again that the BNP has massive public support and that an embarrassing defeat for the Awami League is inevitable if there is a real election. And so it was the marked part of Sheikh Hasina's submissive police that implemented a destructive plan that day to thwart our grand gathering and question the ongoing peaceful movement," the letter read.