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Covid-19 kills 20 in a day; 702 new cases identified

The Karnafuli tunnel will be ready for traffic by next year

Awami League candidates have won the municipal elections by a wide margin because people want development: Obaidul Quader

President calls for united efforts to eradicate corruption, drugs, terrorism and militancy

Bangladeshi Zayn Siddiqui in Biden administration; Mymensingh rejoices

French President Emmanuel Macron tests Covid-19 positive

Dhaka, December 17: France's President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for Covid-19, Elysée Palace said on Thursday.

Joe Biden says Donald Trump refused to 'respect' law, people's will after contesting election results

Dhaka/ Sputnik, December 15: US President-elect Joe Biden said in a speech- after the Electoral College secured his election victory- that President Donald Trump has refused to respect the will of the US public and the law by contesting the results.

Leaked documents unveil mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party

London: Leaked file reports have revealed that loyal members of the Chinese Communist Party are working in British consulates, universities and for some of the UK's leading companies, media reports said on Sunday.

President of Tibetan government in exile visits White House

Dhaka, December 11: History was made when Lobsang Sangay, the head of the exiled Tibetan government, recently visited the White House as an invited guest.

China supplying clothes made by enslaved Uighurs to the world

Dhaka, December 11: The Chinese government is forcing people from the minority Uighur community into labour camps. The products produced by these enslaved Muslim Uighur workers, especially cotton clothes, are being supplied to the world market.

Pakistan, China, North Korea among several other nations in US' religious freedom violation list

Dhaka, December 10: The United States of America has designated several nations, including China, Pakistan and North Korea, as countries of concern under the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 for 'engaging systematic, ongoing, egregious religious freedom violations'.

Netherlands, Sweden to keep up pressure on Myanmar to repatriate Rohingya refugees

Dhaka, December 9: The Netherlands and Sweden will continue to pressure Myanmar to repatriate the forcibly displaced Rohingya to their homeland Rakhine. This was stated by the ambassadors of the two countries.

Tibetan monk arrested by China remains missing

Dharamshala, India: A Tibetan monk from Ngaba region in Tibet, who was arbitrarily arrested by the local Chinese authorities almost a year and a half ago, continues to remain untraceable, Central Tibetan Administration reported.

Commonwealth to form large pool of lawyers to fight Rohingya genocide case

Dhaka, December 5: Patricia Scotland, secretary general of the Commonwealth, said her organization was looking for ways to help Gambia in the legal battle over the Rohingya genocide and that the Commonwealth would stand by Bangladesh, because, they have sheltered the largest number of forcibly displaced people in the world.

China is plotting to eradicate Buddhism in Tibet

Dhaka, December 2: Just as China is plotting to eradicate the religious and ethnic culture of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province, it is doing the same to the Buddhist population in Tibet.

Covid-19: UK approves Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for roll out

Dhaka, December 2: The United Kingdom has become the first country to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19 for widespread use, media reports said.

OIC: Concerns Over Rohingya, Islamophobia and Palestine mark end of conference

Dhaka, November 30: The 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) foreign ministers' meeting ended with calls for a united fight against Islamophobia and terrorism, and for reaffirming support for Arab states' policy of a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue.

First of four UN humanitarian airlifts for Ethiopia refugees lands in Khartoum

New York: An airplane loaded with humanitarian supplies for people fleeing violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has arrived in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Friday, in an appeal for international assistance to cope with the growing numbers seeking shelter in Sudan.

Bangladesh getting ready for fourth Industrial Revolution

Dhaka, November 28: IT business incubators are being set up in the country's universities to work with higher technologies including IoT, robotics, cyber security to counter the competition of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Saudi Arabia excludes Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir from the Pakistan's map

Dhaka, November 28: Saudi Arabia recently removed Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan from the map of Pakistan. The media quoted Amjad Ayub Mirza, an activist from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, as saying.